Bliss. What does that even mean?

“Follow your bliss” is an oft quoted phrase which I’ve always thought sounds great in theory, but meaningless in practice.

This is because the pressures of modern urban life can sometimes make existance feel like an endurance test. Continue reading


Pranayama AKA getting high on your own supply

There’s a line in the song “Mouthful of Diamonds’ by Phantagram that goes ‘you’re getting high on your own supply’.

Although the song wasn’t referring to the yogic breathing techniques collectively known Pranayama, it might well have been, as these techniques definitely are a fast and effective way of getting high on your own supply, and in the process shifting your mood.

And what a supply!

The word “Pranayama” is composed of two sanskrit words – “prana” and “yama”/”ayama”.

“Prana” refers to the animating life force that sustains all living beings, and is similar to the eastern concept “chi”.

“Yama” means restraint and “ayama” means a lengthening. Thus, very broadly, pranayama can be understood as either ‘restraining or mastering the life force’.

Either way, in my experience, practicing pranayama feels damn good. Continue reading