“Take Ownership of your Condition”

I went to the amazing Port Eliot festival this weekend.

One of the lovely surprises I happened upon, as one does at festivals, was a talk by the physiotherapist Clare Fone. This was after a very idyllic yoga practice next to big clumps of pampas grass, while looking out onto the banks of a river and the silhouettes of gorgeous thriving trees in the distance. Such a welcome contrast to London!

Anyway so Clare Fone gave a very vivicious and uplifting talk about exercising at work (subtext: be holistic – aka sensible – in how you approach your health. Keep your cells healthy: give them enough oxygen, nourishment and hydration.  If you are emotionally well, it’s easier to be physically well. If you eat healthily and get enough sleep, that will support your effort. Don’t sit down for long amounts of time).  There was nothing extremist about her message – although sometimes these days being sensible can sound extremist! Continue reading