My Bimuno Experience: Week 1 – my burnout woes & drama

Disclaimer: I was provided with Bimuno in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates in any way.

My burnout woes & drama

So, the day before I started taking Bimuno, the dentist gave me some bad news which made me cry. What’s this got to do with digestive health you might ask?

Well, the point was that he said my molars were being eroded because of acid reflux and that I needed to go to the GP to get it checked out.

It was the message I’d been avoiding: my body was protesting at the state of affairs in my life to the point to the point where it was damaging itself, so I’d listen.

To say my digestion has been sh*t (no pun intended) for a long time would be an understatement. A few years ago, after a visit to a restaurant with my family, my digestion went so badly on the offensive in a way that was so offensive, my sister gave me the book ‘Gut’.

She said she hoped that it might give me some information to remedy the situation!

Long term pressure in a fast-paced office job, and also getting two of my own projects off the ground in the last 18 months, has not helped the situation.

‘Symptoms of burnout’ is a phrase I’ve begun googling obsessively quite a lot recently. It would appear there’s an epidemic – there’s a lot of us out there talking about it.

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