Self practice when it works

Time Meditation started: 10:41AM Time Meditation finished: 11:01AM

Time practice started: 5:10PM Time practice finished: 5:43PM

Today self practice was beautiful.  The golden light of a slowly setting sun in the English countryside, lengthening shadows, air that’s so fresh it smells sweet, insects dancing in the air and joyous birdsong in stereo sound.

Thank you Yoga. Thank you Mother Nature.

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Yoga for when everything feels off (Friday)

Time meditation started: 10:41AM Time meditation finished: 11:01AM
Time practice started: 5:10PM Time practice finished: 5:43PM

This week has been tough. I’ve felt depressed and exhausted – so exhausted that I was like a junkie about my sleep and nothing was going to get between my kip and me – not even this challenge or the promise of yoga’s mood changing benefits. It was back to my unhealthy habits of ‘snooze’, ‘snooze’, ‘snooze’ and then a grumpy and stressed dash to work.

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Day 10: in a rush

Meditation started: 8:07AM Meditation finished: 8:27AM

Yoga practice started: 8:30AM Yoga practice finished: 8:59AM

Woke up this morning paralysed from a dream. Usually it’s nightmares that I wake up from paralysed but it wasn’t the terror of this dream that paralysed me, it was the sheer weirdness of it.  I guess the weirdness was terrifying to my nervous system!

I actually rather enjoy waking up like that as it feels as if I’ve just visited another dimension.

Last night I did a Journey Dance session led by Stella Stathi at Evolve in South Ken.  It’s simply the best therapy out there.

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Day 9: I change the rules

Tim meditation started: 8:14AM Time meditation finished: 8:34AM
Time practice started: 9:15AM Time practice finished: 9:50AM
(Time aborted practice started: 8:43AM)

So, I’ve been back on the mat and how welcoming it felt.
The alarm did go at 6:15 and actually I’ve been awake since then but I didn’t get out of bed. I just didn’t want to.

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Day 8 – falling off the wagon

Ouch – today I fell off the self-practice wagon. It really hurt.

I will try and do 20 minutes this evening, when I get back from meeting a friend but we’ll see.

However, in any kind of yoga balance, if you’re in a led class the teacher always says something encouraging along these lines…”if you fall out, it doesn’t matter…just get back into the pose when you can”.

So tomorrow is a new day – or hopefully even this evening.

But it was a disappointment and I didn’t like the feeling of the sleep I got after I was meant to be on my mat. Somehow my failure to be on my mat soured the quality of the sleep.

However, I’m in this daily self-practice game for the long haul and am only going to allow this to be a very minor setback.