7 tips on how to shine on despite the winter gloom

It’s that time of year when, as soon as the clocks go back, everything seems to get plunged into gloom – both literally and metaphorically. Along with less light, lurgeys proliferate, energy levels plummet and the drive to hibernate becomes overwhelming.  I find it can take real effort to stay upbeat.

So I thought I’d put together a list to remind myself of what to do when SAD threatens to take over:

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So the self practice stopped and with it the blog.

Why was this and how has it made me feel? Well, since I last wrote, everything has been extremely full throttle. At the same time, I experienced ‘hitting the wall’ where everything became too intense. My energy levels went into freefall, my psyche went into rebellion and I crossed the threshold from coping to not coping.

And yet…a huge amount has been achieved this month. My business is finally up and running and I’m so in love with it. And that has been a long time coming, so the fact that it’s finally online and out there feels amazing. I’m very very excited about it.  I’ve been learning a lot about online business, Canva and marketing, which is all fascinating. As well as all that, I’ve built a website for a property my parents have in France and which they want to rent out.

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Self medicating with yoga (and a bit of Coldplay)

Time meditation started: 8:28AM Time meditation ended: 8:48AM

Time practice started: 9:11AM Time practice finished: 9:34AM

Thank God for yoga.  It really is a gift.

Yesterday, after spending far too long immersed on line on the Brexit consequences, I realised I was seriously stressed, despite being in the countryside which is usually my fail-proof antidote to urban distress.

My eyes felt strained and tired, my jaw was permanently clenched and my body literally felt swollen with stress – it felt like I could practically taste the cortisol raging through my system.

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♥ View from the mat in the Brexit heartland ♥

Time practice started: 7:42PM Time practice finished: 8:16PM

This has been a weird, disturbing week.

No self practice or mediation on Wednesday or Thursday – just a punishing workload as my excuse.

Wednesday night the storms in London were so bad my housemate said the thunder sounded like bombs were going off in the street and apparently the windows were rattling in their frame.

I, on the other hand, was so tired I slept through the whole thing and only began to understand something was really up when my bus app said there were no buses for 30 mins. “Strange” I thought to myself…

Rather nosily reading over someone’s shoulder on the train I took to work instead, I saw him texting about the storm and how it had been very frightening.  “Oh” I thought to myself, still waking up and focusing on how I was a bit late for work.

It was only when I walked into work that I realised quite how out of the ordinary it all was. We’re in a basement and it was totally flooded!

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Full Moon

Summer solstice full moon yoga

Time practice started: 9:23PM Time practice finished: roughly 10: 18PM

Monday. Generally, Mondays don’t work for me. They reflect back at me very succinctly everything that’s not working in my life. I wonder if most of the working population feels like this?

Anyway, underneath this mundane sense of low level resentment…there’s also some magic courtesy of Mother Earth and her mysteries.

Full moon. Summer Solstice. Matt is still in the countryside. He sent me this amazing picture of the moon tonight (I’m in London).

I didn’t get up this morning to practice and I didn’t do any meditation. And I didn’t pratice yesterday either. But I’m glad I managed to commune with myself on a full moon summer solstice via Amy Weintraub’s Breathe to Beat the Blues pranayama practice, even if it was very late this evening.

And I LOVE doing savasana with an eyebag. Wow it makes all the difference.


Self practice when it works

Time Meditation started: 10:41AM Time Meditation finished: 11:01AM

Time practice started: 5:10PM Time practice finished: 5:43PM

Today self practice was beautiful.  The golden light of a slowly setting sun in the English countryside, lengthening shadows, air that’s so fresh it smells sweet, insects dancing in the air and joyous birdsong in stereo sound.

Thank you Yoga. Thank you Mother Nature.