Self medicating with yoga (and a bit of Coldplay)

Time meditation started: 8:28AM Time meditation ended: 8:48AM

Time practice started: 9:11AM Time practice finished: 9:34AM

Thank God for yoga.  It really is a gift.

Yesterday, after spending far too long immersed on line on the Brexit consequences, I realised I was seriously stressed, despite being in the countryside which is usually my fail-proof antidote to urban distress.

My eyes felt strained and tired, my jaw was permanently clenched and my body literally felt swollen with stress – it felt like I could practically taste the cortisol raging through my system.

Was it media hype and hysteria? It’s hard to tell. Having worked in both the financial services and the civil service, and with a diplomat brother, I know enough about systems and administration to understand that Brexit is a big deal on that level alone, without taking into account all the other implications.

But were we all working ourselves into an irrational frenzy about it by being online?

So – I pulled myself together. I drank a lot of water, meditated for 20 minutes and did Amy Weintraub’s Breathe to Beat the Blues. It certainly made things feel a LOT better.

And then I remembered Coldplay closing Glastonbury so tuned in. What joy!

Matt said, “I don’t understand why you like them so much, they are so vanilla and you usually have eclectic music taste”.  I ADORE Coldplay. I don’t care about the criticism levelled at them….I simply love most of their music.

So watching them was heartwarming. It was as if watching them were literally changing my biochemistry and slamming the brakes on the development of some new and rather unwelcome neural pathways that had appeared this weekend.

It was colour and light. Music and lyrics for the soul (my soul anyway!). And the sight of thousands and thousands of people obviously feeling relief and optimism simply by being there. It was great to keep an eye on twitter where others were also remotely sharing this sense of uplift (and making some very witty comments too, which kept the smile on my face broad!).

Thank you yoga. Thank you Coldplay.

(not sure about copyright so this is a link to my favourite image of it:

So I woke up feeling better today.  My in laws have the most gorgeous conservatory so I did my practice there – it was baking so I sweated more than usual and that felt good too.  My head is clearer and the scant news reports I’ve checked seem to suggest that things are going back to normal – or as normal as possible, given the events of Friday.

All in all – I’m feeling more reassured now then I was at the weekend.



One thought on “Self medicating with yoga (and a bit of Coldplay)

  1. Candy says:

    Good post. It’s great to get away from the news. I spent a day walking in the mountains with my sisters and I didn’t tune into American election news once.

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