♥ View from the mat in the Brexit heartland ♥

Time practice started: 7:42PM Time practice finished: 8:16PM

This has been a weird, disturbing week.

No self practice or mediation on Wednesday or Thursday – just a punishing workload as my excuse.

Wednesday night the storms in London were so bad my housemate said the thunder sounded like bombs were going off in the street and apparently the windows were rattling in their frame.

I, on the other hand, was so tired I slept through the whole thing and only began to understand something was really up when my bus app said there were no buses for 30 mins. “Strange” I thought to myself…

Rather nosily reading over someone’s shoulder on the train I took to work instead, I saw him texting about the storm and how it had been very frightening.  “Oh” I thought to myself, still waking up and focusing on how I was a bit late for work.

It was only when I walked into work that I realised quite how out of the ordinary it all was. We’re in a basement and it was totally flooded!

Not inches (the basement in the building next door in our complex was under 3 inches) but we splish sloshed around all day.

It’s funny how denial sets in. After speaking to the building supervisors, I actually opened up my laptop and tried to get on with some work! Even though my feet were sopping wet.

When my line manager came in she took control – thank goodness – and we started cleaning up and throwing everything away that had been damaged.

It got scary when the supervisor said they thought the water had come up through manholes because the drains couldn’t cope with the volume of rain and we were advised to remove everything of value, turn off all electrics and expect proper flooding.

I don’t work Fridays and I don’t think it happened because it didn’t rain again although more rain is predicted tomorrow…but it was a lesson in the fragility of everything we rely on and take for granted – and how it can switch in a second.

This was the backdrop I experienced for the EU referendum vote.

And then today the EU results.

Matt woke me at 515am to say “it’s not looking good”. But I kind of new that already from a few days ago after watching interviewed Guido Fawkes on Channel 4 news.

Gulp. I voted Remain. I grew up in London, I’m a quarter Chinese and yoga has really influenced my politics. I believe in inclusiveness, One Love, we are one, multiculturalism and all that yoga hippy stuff.

I worked in a fund of hedge funds in 2008 when that particular ship went down. Economically, this feels like it’s going to be far, far worse – a complete cluster f*ck.

And yet, if nothing else, it’s a pure reminder to be in the present moment.

We drove up to Staffordshire to see my in-laws today. Staffordshire is Brexit heartland. I internally cringed at the LEAVE signs littering the drives of the good burghers of Staffordshire as we made our way to Matt’s parents.

But we got out of the car and the beauty of the countryside and the clean, sweet smelling country air (my obsession!) inexorably lifted my mood.

Of course, Brexit was all we talked about at lunch. And my phone buzzed repeatedly with whatsapps from my siblings and their partners (though I haven’t spoken to my father yet, an out and proud Brexiteer).

Much of the day was spent with my face glued to Facebook, reading and replying to appalled posts from friends and acquaintances…although I have to say I did have a few laughs at some very witty comments on there.

Matt and I also had to take a nap – I was beyond exhausted after a big day at work on Wednesday, the crazy flood clearing up yesterday and then such an early start today with that emotional news.

I nearly didn’t get onto the mat.

But remembered my blog (!) and the knowing that actually what was needed was time on the mat, in the present moment, moving in synch with my breath, away from the screen (which is in effect a shortcut to insane monkey mind mental chatter)…with the added bonus of beautiful English (albeit Brexit!) countryside.

And it was amazing. Facing west, I positioned my mat in a strip of sunlight from the setting sun and did my practice.  The timelessly soothing sound of wind rustling in the trees and birdsong. The distant moo of a grazing cow.

Beautiful Mother Nature – again – always.

View from the mat in the Brexit heartland

Gorgeous self practice view – Staffordshire

My feeling before the vote took place was that it was a political red herring. We have far more pressing and REAL problems we need to confront – the Syrian refugee crisis (how is that happening in this day and age? So shameful) – climate change – deprivation and poverty all over the world.

But it’s happened now. I’m prepared to look for the positives and there are some. HS2 which I loathe with a passion as a ludicrous, misguided and environmentally irresponsible venture, may now not go ahead – or at least, that’s the opinion on the street here.

Maybe more nature events like the one on Thursday, where Mother Nature bared her teeth, will force action on climate change.

Maybe we can collectively learn to be more present in times of huge uncertainty (I think we’re going to have to, as there probably isn’t going to be too much choice on that one).

Be more loving to our immediate neighbours and those further afield.

People clearly feel desperately disconnected from the ruling political elite and hopefully this will force politicians in the UK and across Europe to work harder, in the right way, on behalf of the people who voted them in.

Here’s hoping.

But in the meantime, deep gratitude, as always, for the glories of Mother Nature.

♥ ♥ ♥  O N E  L O V E  ♥ ♥ ♥



4 thoughts on “♥ View from the mat in the Brexit heartland ♥

  1. Candy says:

    Your descriptions of what is going on is strangely comforting to me. I feel like I’m not alone, here in New York and aghast at our presidential election and Donald Trump. I feel connected to what’s going on with you. Thanks!

    • Emily Thornton says:

      Thank you Candy. Strange times for sure and I suffered this weekend but generally we all want the same thing – to be happy and feel safe – whichever way they are voting – and that’s what I’m trying to keep in mind!

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