International Yoga Day

…or nearly not!

Time practice started: 1016PM Time practice finished: 10:44Pm

No meditation.

I nearly bailed today but the public accountability is keeping me in the game…just! Some of the rules I’ve set myself for my self-practice have fallen, more or less, by the wayside, most notably the 6:30am one – or even doing yoga as soon as I get up.

But the self practice itself has survived. I binned 5 sun salutes today because I’m on what is euphemistically known in some quarters of the female yoga community as ‘moon day’.

By beautiful coincidence earlier in the day I got an email newsletter from Lisa Lister who writes amazingly about being a woman, female cycles and rythyms and creativity (among other things). I did one of her email courses earlier in the year called RE:Wilding which was a bit of a revelation.

So today she talked today about being on her period and taking it easy, even though summer energy is very yang. She also had a picture of someone lying on loads of pillows entitled ‘savasana’. A great artist friend of mine once said to me that sometimes he felt he wanted to take a week off simply so he could stare at the wall – and that’s how I’ve been feeling recently.

It felt a relief to have my desire to switch off validated externally (the old obliger in me). So I found this wonderful sequence on Yoga Journal website – only did some of it but it felt fantastic.

And this truthbomb card of Danielle LaPorte’s which I picked out on a Desire Map retreat last year (it was such a great experience I subsequently became a licensed Desire Map facilitator / affiliate), next to my beloved crystal tells the whole story of how we need to treat ourselves sometimes.


Danielle La Porte Truthbomb


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